Direct Shipment

Our direct ship service is offered solely through our On-Call Meal Solutions brand. We developed an incredibly innovative approach to feeding Northeast Ohio’s summer and remote learners. Through our partnership with FedEx, we have developed the only direct ship program in the Northeast Ohio area that delivers fresh meals directly to the front door of the students we serve. It is a great way to compliment your existing program.

How it works:

  • Our team meets with your team to discuss meal service needs centered around the number of remote learning students or access-challenged students that need breakfast or lunch during the school year or the summer.

  • We partner with FedEx and you, our client, to generate a shipping spreadsheet that includes the student’s name, address, email, and phone number.

  • We then establish a weekly or bi-weekly delivery day in which your students can expect their meals delivered to their front door.

  • 100% of these services are reimbursable through the Ohio Department of Education NSLP and SSO programs.

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