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Our story begins

Innovation Foods began as a purpose-filled mission, based on the belief that everyone deserves access to nutritious meals daily. Nutritional balance and quality ingredients are the cornerstone of healthy food preparation, and our talented chefs implement these necessities in meals that are both delectable and visually impressive. Furthering our goals of improving food quality, we designed a new facility dedicated to becoming the premier food service provider for childcare centers, schools, business & industry, and senior living facilities throughout Northeast Ohio.


Innovation Foods takes pride in its team. All our supervisory and management staff are ServSafe certified and HACCP trained, and all our hourly staff are rigorously trained and educated through Summit County’s Food Safety Program and ServSafe Certification process. Any staff members entering school grounds must pass a thorough background check, and all staff members are required to participate in continuing education programs.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that hospitality service should be a partnership. At Innovation Foods, we understand the unique challenges of your business and always keep our clients’ best interests at heart. We guarantee superior quality food, unprecedented customer service, immense value, and operational excellence for each of our clients. We generate new ideas and fulfilling a vision of health and enjoyment for organizations throughout northeast Ohio.


Our philosophy is that every customer deserves more than just a meal. Food should be an experience with a wholesome, nutritious foundation. Our meal service focuses on homemade quality, unparalleled freshness, and an uncompromising commitment to efficiency and consistency, so your consumer receives the food they deserve each day.