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Emergency Grab and Go Meals for Kids & Senior Citizens in Need

Innovation Foods is still committed to ensuring kids and senior citizens eat.

If you are a daycare, school or community organization, we are here to partner with you to ensure that no kid or senior citizen in need goes hungry, even if you are closed. We are also looking to partner with community organizations to become mobile meals distribution sites. Innovation Foods will donate 10% off the meal cost back to the host organization to thank them for their partnership during the COVID-19 crisis (*some restrictions apply).

Rest assured that Innovation Foods is one of the only local companies licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to produce these meals.

Steps to Get Meals Delivered to You

1. Contact Innovation Foods to set up your daycare, school or community organization as a distribution site.

2. We will work with you to contact the appropriate funding agency - NSLP, SFSP, SSO and CACFP. Non-publicy funded meals are still available for purchase, as well, at a cost of $3 per complete USDA compliant meal.

3. Choose between daily delivery or 5-day meal packages.

4. Meals will be delivered to you within 24 hours (minimum of 100 meals per delivery).

Meal Options

1. Grab & Go Breakfasts, Lunches & Snacks

2. Meals compliant with NSLP, SSO, SFSP and CACFP

3. Vegetarian, Egg & Dairy Free and Gluten Free meals available

4. Delivery to anywhere in the NEO region.

** We are offering 5-day meal packages to limit travel times for families **

** Meals will be delivered to you within 24 hours (minimum of 100 meals per delivery).**

Contact us at 440-580-4800 to get started!

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2071 Midway Drive, Twinsburg, OH

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